Five A's Unique DALI Solutions in Emergency Lighting Products


As stated in articles 72,73 and 84 of the "Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings", building managers are responsible for periodic testing, maintenance and inspection of buildings where emergency lighting products are mandatory. It is vital that the function and duration tests of emergency routing and lighting fixtures and kits are carried out according to TS EN 50172 standard. In systems without automation, these checks are very difficult and costly to carry out. At this point, emergency lighting products adapted to automation systems that support the DALI protocol come into play, ensuring that these maintenances are carried out periodically and easily in accordance with the regulation. Starting in 2017, Five A offers products that are entirely self-designed, working with the DALI protocol.

DALI stands for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface" and is a protocol defined in the technical standard IEC 62386 to intelligently and easily manage lighting equipment.

Together with the DALI protocol, monitoring and control of many different products such as LED drives, emergency lighting kits, emergency lighting fixtures and emergency routing fixtures are provided. It is a system preferred by many users thanks to its easy-to-use, robust and flexible solution. A protocol for digital communication between lighting controllers is defined. In this system, lighting products are addressed through routers and can be divided into different groups and managed in different scenarios.

DALI compliant routing fixtures, LED drives and emergency lighting kits must meet the following international standards.

Emergency Routing Fixtures, Emergency Lighting Kits: IEC 62386-102 and IEC 62386-202

LED Drives: IEC 62386-102 and IEC 62386-207

The following details can be viewed from the DALI management screen;

  • Each product in the system is shown with a separate symbol according to its type. (SUCH as LED Kit, LED Drive, Emergency Routing)
  • Each product added to the system is given a separate address (code) by the router and the location of the product can be defined by the user. (e.g. 3rd Floor corridor)
  • Identification can be made for locating. When questioned, LED drives turn the light on and off, while emergency kits make an intermittent sound with a buzzer.
  • Products can be grouped and managed simultaneously with a single defined control device. (Such as dim for drivers at the same time, periodic time tests for emergency lighting kits)
  • Problems such as possible load failure and battery failure in the products can be detected instantly from the system.
  • The total working times of the devices can be monitored.

DALI in Emergency Lighting Systems

The DALI emergency standard allows two important tests of emergency fixtures to be carried out, reported and feedback of many important information.

Function and duration tests can be initiated through the control system or through a calendar within the emergency device itself. With these tests, the current condition of the device, battery and lamp is periodically inspected. The time test also gives feedback on whether the product can run during the declaration period.

Another benefit of using DALI in emergency lighting systems is that it reduces wiring when used in contingent with normal DALI devices. Moreover, the integration of two independent control systems (emergency and normal) into a single control system reduces installation and maintenance costs, and the ability to monitor emergency lighting and normal lighting in one step can lead to a safer lighting solution.

Five A's and DALI

In our R&D laboratory, the original circuit design was made with DALI compatible LED drive, emergency lighting kit and embedded software for emergency routing fixtures. The product family, which we carry out mass production in our facilities, is further expanded using new technologies.

Five A is a member of dali-ag (diia) organization that sets and manages DALI standards and guarantees the DALI compatibility of its designed products with its ProbitLab – DALI Tester device located in its own R&D Laboratory. As a five-A member organization, it applies the DALI Logo to its products that have successfully passed all tests.   


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