Elektrikekspresi.com SITE HAS STARTED ITS LIFE.


It brings together the Elektrikekspresi.com producer and the final consumer, which includes the first ones.

Private Electricity, Cone Electric and KLC LED, which has been selling Wholesale and Retail Electrical Lighting Materials in Kayseri for many years, has launched the digital sales platform " www.Elektrikekspresi.com " to more effectively manage sales, supply chain and cargo processes for manufacturers and customers in the retail channel.


Mustafa KÜLAHCIOĞLU, project manager of elektrikekspresi.com, who gave information about the site containing many firsts, completed the software process of our site in a time of more than a year by the team of engineers who took part in a very important global shopping site. Our goal was to digitally carry our business experience and a missing business model to our own business area sectorally. We have brought this business platform to the Electricity and Lighting sector. In this sense, we have provided the opportunity to compare price advantage and quality by providing faster access to the product and brand that the end consumer is looking for instantly. They can shop safely from our site, which has all kinds of technological infrastructure. The products they purchase are covered by insurance and we offer product guarantees in all kinds of negativity.

After our manufacturers become members of the system, we aim to open both wholesale and retail stores with low commission rates and always win together. When the people and companies that are members of the system log in with their username and password, they will be able to shop after seeing the wholesale prices. Cargo integration will be displayed online in the system when the store shipped the product. After the product is delivered to the customer, payment will be made to the store within a maximum of 3 working days. They will also be able to download it to mobile phone from Google play and Apple store apps. We will continue to win together as commission rates are much lower than those of known marketplaces available.


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