Electric Lighting Equipment UR-GE Project first stage completed


Within the scope of the "Improving the International Competitiveness of the Lighting Sector" project, which was carried out jointly by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and the Association of Lighting Equipment and Manufacturers, the needs analysis meetings, which are the first stage of the project, were completed. In the meetings where the sector was photographed, participating companies presented common needs, common opportunities and target markets.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry 50. The "Electric Lighting Equipment UR-GE Project" Needs Analysis Report, conducted in cooperation with the Group Lighting Equipment Industry Professional Committee and AGİd, was not presented at the meeting  held on Thursday, November 28, 2019. The report, which evaluated the institutionality, export and competitive capacities of the cluster and its companies in the cluster and examined the local and global dynamics of the sector, was shared with the participating companies. In the next phase of the project, trainings will be carried out for the needs arising as a result of the report and overseas marketing activities will be organized for the designated target countries. 22 Lighting companies are involved in the project, which is supported by the Ministry of Commerce at 75%.


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