Efe Glass Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Efe Glass, founded in 1991 to produce glass, celebrates its 30th anniversary on this journey…

Efe Glass, which operates in Istanbul Küçükköy with a daily production capacity of 22 tons and a closed production facility of 10,000 square meters and 300 employees, has been among the leading companies guiding glass art with its lighting and glassware glass production by combining materials, design and R&D works to create glass objects since the installation process. Working with international standards and quality principle in production, efe glass serves with quality raw materials, high-tech production machines, professionally trained manpower in its products. Efe Glass, which adopts the principle of producing quality products with years of experience and experience, is committed to working with this passion every day in bringing the passion of glass to life; continues to produce with swing, press, sheer and blowing groups. Today, the lighting and glassware products produced with this love offer a wide range of single glass, table lamp, fixture, chandelier glasses in efe glass lighting group, which adorns the shelves of select stores in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and America.

In the glassware group; bathroom glass accessories come up against customers with products suitable for desktop and fashion and daily trends. The interest of Efe glass human and design oriented products is used in many large public housing projects in turkey today, especially Toki and Kiptaş. Glass glass, which is interested in special projects as well as the production of glassware group and lighting group products, can produce in line with the demands with its product and service quality. Efe Glass Project Discovery Consultancy, which provides services in this field with a large project team for these demands, has always been with its customers in choosing the right product and creating molds.


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