EEC Meets With Electrical and Electronics Engineers


EEC Integrated Building Control Systems took its place at EEMKON 2017 with Congress Sponsorship. "EEMKON 2017- Electrical and Electronics Engineering Congress" organized by EMO Istanbul Branch was held on 16-18 November 2017 at Harbiye Military Museum Cultural Site.

Welcoming his esteemed colleagues at the booth in the foyer area of the congress, EEC Deputy Chairman Hayri Kartopu said, "The Chamber of Electrical Engineers held an event where technological developments, professional problems and solution proposals were expressed, bringing together academicians, industry representatives and engineers of the future, presenting the developments in the fields of profession to its members and the sector through the eyes of 7 different sectors. Most importantly, technological developments related to the sector have been discussed and discussed mainly. Therefore, it was an event that opened the horizons of all participants. As always, EEC is responsible for being an experienced company serving with strong engineering staff in the field of weak current systems, taking our place in such activities that feed our sector and trying to contribute by providing the necessary support." summed it up with his words.

Within the scope of the Congress; The current situations of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Control Engineering, Electronic Industry, Energy Policies, Communication Technologies, Urban and Electrical, Engineering Education were evaluated by the veterans of the sector.

EEC Aegean Regional Manager Yavuz Alkan also gave a presentation on " YEST – Structural Electronic Systems Plumbing Engineering Applications" at the "Organization of Electronic Engineering" session held at Fevzi Çakmak Hall on Saturday, November 18. In the alkan presentation; "Today, the buildings have changed in size, multi-storey – multifunctional buildings have multiplied, industrial facilities with very large areas have started to be established. Thousands of people work and live in these structures at the same time. Structures; The establishment of electronic systems that will ensure the safety of people's lives and property and offer comfort that improves the quality of life has also become an inevitable necessity. With the increase in the mandatory use of electronic systems in buildings, healthier implementation and supervision of engineering services has also gained importance. Systems must be installed under the expertise of electronic engineers. Because systems that are not properly designed, audited and not installed correctly will become unusable in a short time and will not respond to the need in an emergency." he conveyed the current situation of the sector with his words. Yavuz Alkan, the cooperation between EEC and EMO; "Our EMO Central Standing Commission; YEST – Yap continues to work to complete the deficiencies in the Electronic Systems Applications Legislation and to solve our professional problems. As EEC engineers, we will continue to support the work of our commission through the strength of our years of experience in the sector." sentences.


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