The DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer, which was installed in cdt information technologies' new office in Beykoz and is ready for service, was introduced. Dragonfly 2020 Pro, in which CDT is the representative of the Turkish, Middle East and Central Asian market, allows you to see the result of the design in a short time by reducing the prototype production process, which can take weeks, to hours.

DragonFly 2020 Pro by Nano Dimension paved the way for the first time to develop electronic products through layered production. DragonFly 2020 Pro, which has been recognized as worthy of many innovation awards all over the world since its launch; It shortens business processes and accelerates production by enabling the prototype of electronic products to be made very quickly in many sectors from automotive to health, aviation to telecommunications, consumer electronics to defense industry.

CdT Information Technologies General Manager Alpay Goghş, who gave the opening speech of the meeting; Stating that they believe Nano Dimension is the key solution to overcome the challenges faced by their customers in designing, creating prototypes and manufacturing electronic components, Nano Dimension said that they are pleased that their products and solutions will allow their customers to control all product development cycles, increase their efficiency and accelerate their time into the market.

CDT Information Technology Business Development Manager Ibrahim Goghş expressed his excitement about the work they will carry out with DragonFly 2020 Pro and mentioned the multi-layered production approaches in the field of electronic design automation.

"The design of all electronic devices in our lives was trapped in certain molds due to the necessity of flat printing circuit boards in them. With the ability to produce PCB in any way the DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer offers, these molds can be broken and out of the designs we are used to seeing. For example, a designer might consider producing a television in the form of a rectangular prism. In addition to the unlimited imagination it offers to the design process, the production and inspection of the PCB prototype and the reduction of the stages of fixing and reproducing if there is a fault to a time basis also accelerate the production process and reduce costs. The use of 3D printers (layered manufacturing technology) has now matured in mechanical applications and is available for mass production, for the personalization of end-consumer products. In electronics, this development could not be experienced due to the need for advanced technology of the materials to be used. Nano Dimension closed the gap in this area and led to significant development."

Ibrahim Goghş added that with DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D, they are excited to offer a product that provides added value such as the freedom to prepare and experiment with complex geometries, to be able to produce according to the need in different shapes, sizes and flexibility, and to be able to offer products to the market faster.

Speaking at the event, Nano Dimension Product Manager Robert Even said that dragonfly 2020 Pro provides users with the opportunity to develop low-cost and safe products. Even stated that they continued their R&D studies carefully and that 60 of the 90 employees in their bodies worked in the field of R&D, emphasizing their importance to this subject and meticulously carrying out their work on software and nano ink. Even added that there are currently 12 printers in the world and they are of great interest.


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