The result of the Çukurova Airport tender has been announced


The result of the Cukurova Airport tender in Mersin has been determined. Joint Venture groups participated in the tender held at the DHMI General Directorate. The result of the tender involving the important companies of our country will be approved by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure.
Limak Construction Industry and Trade Inc. for the tender agreed to be made with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. Kalyon Hav. and Construction Inc. Cengiz Construction Tic.A.S. Günbeton Construction and Trade with Joint Venture. A.Ş./Terminal Yapı Ticaret A.S. The Joint Venture group participated.


Limak Construction Industry and Trade Co./ Kalyon Hav. and Construction Inc. Cengiz Construction Tic.A.S. The Joint Venture was excluded from the tender due to conditional bidding.

Günbeton Construction and Trade. A.Ş. – Terminal Construction Trading Co. Inc. As a result of the negotiations with the Joint Venture, the tender was concluded for a rental price of 100m euros.
Çukurova Airport is expected to have a total investment value of 250m euros.

Investments planned within the scope of the project;

• Domestic and International Terminal Building with a size of at least 100.000 m² (including VIP and CIP)
• 50,000 m² additional terminal building to be built after the number of passengers using the terminal reaches 10 million passengers (inbound and outbound),
• Parking at least 90.000 m²
• DHMI Service Building
• Technical Block and Control Tower,
• Accident Fire Station,
• Garage Building etc. facilities are located.


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