We asked our companies in the Lighting Sector what they did during the Pandemic period and what awaited us after that.

3N LIGHTING Company Partner and COO Engin made statements to our journal about private company.

3N AYDıN, which is among the undisputed leading companies in Turkey in the lighting sector with its high technology and experience, continues its services with its solution-oriented studies that shed light on our bright future. It continues to work towards becoming a world brand with its smart technology production systems investments carried out by "3N LIGHTING" as the embodiment of Trust and Quality in the sector.

Retail, health, supply chain, finance, automotive, logistics, fast consumption, transportation, food, merchandising, smart workplace/residential projects in all areas of our lives such as solution-oriented and unconditionally high customer satisfaction are achieving successful business results. While the number of sectors it provides services to with its emphasis on customer experience is increasing rapidly, thanks to its strong R&D and innovation investments, the design award-winning product is diversifying its patent range day by day.

In addition, 3N LIGHTING continues its investments by targeting its product portfolio by 100% Domestic Product priority. By developing its national designs in high-tech R&D and Quality control laboratories with Turkish engineers without being dependent on the outside, it has an experienced and valuable team that offers a different experience in the lighting sector with its smart technology production systems and experienced employees who never give up their focus on quality, with their strong supply chain infrastructure and after-sales services.

  Having gained momentum with Industry 4.0 and becoming increasingly important in the integration of digitalization with people today, and pointing to the "super smart" society, Society 5.0 has made it its mission to be a leading brand in the sector by working on products that offer a user-friendly control experience with a smart and technological assembly solution based on automation rather than standardized products in both domestic and international markets.

3N LIGHTING company officials, who are the leading company in the production and sale of qualified LED Tube Lighting in Turkey and the first brand that comes to mind in the sector, express this success by saying that we are proud to be in the first place in led tube lighting production in terms of high performance and efficiency.

3N LIGHTING Company Partner and COO Engin made statements to our journal about private company.

Thanks to our increasing investments in the last 15 years, our successful work allows us to rapidly grow our market share with the added value we provide in every field we are involved in. Our sales of special lighting solutions to the retail sector, which played a strategic role especially during the pandemic period, have reached 70% market share levels. When it comes to lighting solutions, our market dominance in the sector is very high thanks to the solution and efficiency-oriented approach we have carried out in all areas of our lives such as health, supply chain, finance, automotive, logistics, fast consumption, transportation, food, merchandising, smart workplace/housing projects, especially in the retail sector. As 3N LIGHTING, lighting more than 25,000 stores in the retail sector alone gives us a special happiness with justified pride.

Behind this success we have achieved as 3N LIGHTING, we have a conception of management that is customer-oriented and cares about efficiency.

We are always with our customers from the projecting and design stage to the installation and after-sales services of our service. As 3N LIGHTING, we are a brand with experience and equipment that can respond efficiently and qualifiedly to all the needs you can think of regarding lighting.

With the priority of unconditional customer satisfaction in each project we complete, we decisively turn all opportunities at the point of efficiency into savings. We work with all our strengths as a 3N LIGHTING team to provide innovative ideas, up-to-date technologies and appropriate equipment solutions to our customers in order to complete our projects successfully, on time and within budget.

The fact that we act with the goal and motivation to produce 100% Domestic Products in our country with the pride of having our successful business results with our happy employees and happy customers is another element behind our success.


In today's increasingly important environmental sustainability, we are constantly trying to increase our environmental performance and energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption and resource use during the use of our products; we have a special focus to prevent damage to nature and energy waste. 3N For LIGHTING ; environmentally friendly and low energy consumption awareness is not only a task we give to our employees, but also a sensitivity that we expect from our business partners.

As 3N LIGHTING, providing the most qualified lighting products and solutions at the most affordable price, standing by our customers at every stage of our service and manufacturing our smart technological products taking into account energy saving and environmental sustainability are the main elements to which we owe our success.

Our Future Lighting Solutions (FLS) work with our high quality and tercubeli, creative, dynamic human resources to become one of the leading lighting brands in both Turkey and the world, giving the highest value to unconditional customer satisfaction and environmental awareness.

Our commercial activity, which we carry out by adhering to our ethical values that we have built with our experience for many years, also gives us pride and happiness.


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