The Interiors of the Informatics Valley were designed by OSO Architecture…


In the interior designs of OSO Architecture of the Informatics Valley, which will be one of the largest technoparks in Turkey when completed, a fiction that integrates architecture and technology has been preferred in order to serve the production and development of new technologies.

OSO Architecture is the interior of The Informatics Valley, one of the largest technoparks in Turkey with a closed area of 1 million 500 thousand square meters, which was started to be implemented in Muallimköy, Gebze, Izmit in 2017. The first stage of the Informatics Valley, a multipurpose multi-complex consisting of different functions such as offices, innovation and incubation centers, hotels, congresses, social facilities, sports and commercial centers, has been largely completed and opened for use. It will host a total of 5,000 R&D companies when all stages of the Itinerary Valley are completed.

OSO Architecture, led by Architect Okan Bayik, Interior Designer Serhan Bayik and Civil Engineer Ozan Bayik , who acted as the implementation controller with the interior designer designs of different spaces belonging to this complex, has adopted an architectural style in which technological elements are used in the foreground in the interior design of the spaces of the Information Valley in order to serve the production and development of new technologies.

The architects, who prefer a fiction dominated by contemporary and dynamic forms, using new and modern materials and integrating the latest technological innovations into design as a space element, aimed to give users the feeling that they are intertwined with technology in spaces and are in a center where technology is produced. In line with this fiction, OSO Architecture, which transforms elements such as robotic arms, holograms, interactive LED screens, computer coding language into design elements that dominate the perception of space, has managed to establish technology integration with architecture thanks to the different and unique uses of technology in the interior.


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