Smart options that offer residents alternatives to traffic


Zafer KAVAK Electrical Engineering (Y.T.U)
ISBAK Istanbul It and Smart City Technologies Production – Planning Chief
Smart options that offer alternatives to traffic to residents:Urban Innovation

The phenomenon of smart cities, which consists of a natural combination of increasing urbanization and constantly developing technology, is developing day by day.

The fact that the applications created in city life are applicable to all city individuals and presented directly to the public increases the importance of these innovations once more.

The following applications include the latest innovations being developed especially for traffic signaled intersections. Fictions with separate patents, each of which was created by me and published on behalf of ISBAK A.Ş., are important for our country as well as for being the first in the world.

Here, applications are briefly mentioned, but the necessary explanations for understanding the main idea are given together with the visuals to be understood. By not going into the details of the infrastructure and software processes related to the applications, a simple narrative was made that everyone can easily understand.All this is based on the premise that technologies can help improve human life in cities.

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Smart options that offer residents alternatives to traffic


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