Chickens and Owls (Effect of Lighting on Our Internal Clock)


Placing ourselves in office environments illuminated by artificial lights requires us to take certain measures in terms of our comfort of life. Why am I saying this? Because the sunlight coming through the window panes is 50 times stronger than the light provided by the interior lighting. This affects our internal rhythm (clock) and the effect of the inner clock on your performance in daily life has been scientifically proven. Let's see what his inner rhythm is first.

I don't want to get too scientific, but biologically, the internal clock; it is the time interval during which our cells wake up, act and slow down. So much so that the inner clock; the organism determines blood pressure, digestion, and especially at what time of day we will be efficient. Those who live against personal time (rhythm) need more time than necessary for many things. First of all, they feel exhausted and tired. The most important factor that determines our internal clock is daylight!

Its internal rhythm is divided into two; nightmen and day-to-dayers. These two traits identified by our genes tell us which phase of the day we are more active at. For example, if you want to use If you are a working owl during the day, you can sleep with the curtains open and start receiving daylight early, change your inner rhythm in 1-2 weeks and be like chickens (daytimers) who can spend the daytime more comfortably. As you can see, the effect of light on your comfort of life is very important.

Now to how lighting will increase your comfort. Especially in autumn-winter months, with the shortening of the days, we wake up in the dark, get in our car in dim light, take the subway at the bottom of the ground and take the elevator to our office. In order for our biological clock to function properly, we need to make minimal use of daylight. Doctors are prescribing light therapy to patients about increased depression and depressive disorder during these seasons. As a precaution, you can use these devices that apply light therapy on the market as table tops. Of course it's a personal measure. To increase the productivity of your employees as an employer or manager: creating a work environment in bright daylight offices is an effective method. If you do not have this possibility, it will correctly help purify the performance of employees in artificially lit offices. For example, let me share with you an experiment at Volkswagen:

Scientists have created artificially lit social spaces, equipping some of the factory's halls with unusually bright lights. So much so that these lights were special lamps that could cast shadows like the sun. At the end of the study, the workers who spent time in this environment felt more alert throughout the day and made fewer mistakes and went to fewer doctors.

As we can see, the performance and health of employees can be preserved by creating working environments close to daylight efficiency with artificial lights. For these reasons, lighting report work should be carried out in order to achieve an accurate light level in each project. Not only that, but the right product selection and architectural ergonomics are an important factor for this comfort. Do you feel tired and exhausted during the day? Then open the curtains to the end and brighten up your office more.


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