Special award from World Giant Samsung Elektronics LED to Cemdag Lighting Technologies.


Cemdag, who has more than 50 years of experience in lighting technologies, received the "highly valued customer" award from Samsung Elektronics LED from "Executive Vice President" Ted Chung.

Cemdag Lighting Technologies, which has the first global Lighting brands with 100% Turkish capital in Turkey, participated in the Light&Building fair held in Frankfurt, Germany between March 18-23.

Cemdağ, which has managed to produce tomorrow's technology today with R&D investments that have been going on continuously for many years, produces fixtures that save up to 80% energy in outdoor lighting. Samsung Electronics LED, which cooperates with exterior lighting solutions in many projects such as highways and bridges in different regions of the world, was awarded the most valuable partner award last week.

The ceremony, in which he collaborated in the field of "Led Chip" components, where Ted Chung, "Executive Vice President" of Samsung Electronics LED, was present and cemdag's CEO Sina Cem received the award, took place at the light &building fairgrounds in Frankfurt, one of the most important lighting fairs in the world. Cem brand, which has become a world brand with street fixtures that save up to 80% energy, continues to illuminate roads in many countries of the world.



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