Cemdag "ICON Series" sheds light on city aesthetics with its original design


Cemdag Lighting; Cem brand products produced with LED technology continue to offer "economical" solutions for different places and areas. The "ICON Series" impresses with its original design in sports fields, parking lots and industrial areas, while contributing to energy efficiency with 80 percent savings. The "ICON Series", which provides lighting guidance in indoor and outdoor environments with homogeneous light distribution, can also be controlled remotely with its technology compatible with the Internet of Things.  Cemdag Lighting, which has signed many principles in the lighting sector since 1968; continues to produce the right solutions for different projects with its expanding product range. Cem branded urban lighting projector armature "ICON Series", developed using LED technology, also stands out with its design and technology in urban aesthetics. Icon Series, which shines light on many places such as sports fields, parking lots and industrial areas with its design, provides lighting guidance in indoor and outdoor environments with durable and robust body structure designed in accordance with LED technology, homogeneous light distribution.

In accordance with international norms

The ICON Series blends perfectly into city aesthetics with 4 different size body options and body ral color options. Easily integrated into the existing mast, the ICON Series is also designed for ceiling and wall mounting. It also offers a wide choice of 13w-500w power suitable for the area to be illuminated, while LED technology saves a minimum of 60% energy compared to conventional fixtures. Energy savings increase by up to 80% with the ability to turn on and off (dimming) at desired times thanks to internet-compatible (Internet of thıngs), ease of internet monitoring, automation, astronomical clock system. The product has IK085mm tempered glass and IK10 protection class against all weather conditions and has a domestically produced aluminum injection body. Offering a wide choice of colors including mono colour amber, red, green, blue, yellow and white (4000k,5000k,6500k) with High Power LED technology, the ICON Series features a pristine silicone seal for a sustainable IP67 protection class protected against dust and moisture. ICON Series offers solutions suitable for projects with enec certified LED module in accordance with international norms and 10 different optical technologies that direct light according to the illuminated area.

Great Interest in Cemdag Products at EIF

Cemdag, which is preferred in many important projects with its economical products that support energy policies; international energy congress and fair. Noting that energy is the engine of development, growth and prosperity all over the world, EIF was held in Ankara between 8-10 November 2017. The fair brought together senior company executives, decision-makers, energy sector opinion leaders, directors of non-governmental organizations, academics and regulators. The senior representatives of many institutions and organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Energy visited the CEMDAĞ stand and received detailed information about Cem branded products that contribute up to 80 percent to energy efficiency.


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