Portable Disinfecting Lighting Device


Derungs UV Sterilizer Disinfect lighting device turkey sales started.

Derungs, a Swiss manufacturer of Medical Lighting Fixtures, has introduced the UV Sterilizer disinfecting Lighting device developed for the COVID19 Virus that is engulfing the world to Turkish customers by Turkey Representative Pinar Engineering.

The most important feature of the device, which is received all Test and Health reports, is that it is small and portable by design. The device, which is powered by batarye and battery, is of use for all kinds of surfaces.

UV sterilizer properties;

  • Rapid disinfection
  • Small and convenient
  • Time-saving, efficient sterilization
  • Kills viruses and bacteria by 99.9%
  • UV-Sterilizer reliably disinfects surfaces.
  • The UV sterilizer reliably disinfects surfaces with UV-C radiation.

You can review pdf files for detailed information…

Gamze TastekinWaldmann
& Derungs Sales ManagerPINAR
ENGINEERING San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti.
T: 0 212 220 02 77 * 115 extension
: gamze.tastekin@pinarmuhendislik.com.tr


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