Borsan is on track to become a world brand with two new big investments


Despite the difficult 2017, Borsan Group continues its investment plans and aims to become a world brand in the fields of LED and weak current cable.

Despite a difficult 2017 across the country, Borsan Group continued its investments, completed factory investments and moved to Samsun with Gebze and facilities in Italy – Milan. Stating that 5 factories are now in one province, Borsan Group Chairman Adnan Oluz said, "All of our factories producing furniture, copper cable, aluminum cable, special design weak current cable, electrical materials and LED lighting products are in Samsun. This gives us great pride in financial profitability and spiritually."

"Our products are on sale in 75 countries on 4 continents"

Noting that in addition to improving existing products in LED and weak current cable product groups, work on new products continues continuously, He said, "We have launched the LED product group, which started to be sold in December, in 75 countries on 4 continents this year. I personally witnessed customer satisfaction. I was also excited by the positive reflections I received at the fairs."

"We export 50 percent of our production"

Noting that last year was focused on growth and product diversity studies, He said: "In 2017, we achieved 35 percent growth in terms of turnover. But we can't call it real growth. The growth in turnover was not due to quantity, but to the rise of raw material prices and the increase in exchange rates. However, for us, more important than turnover are profitability rates. In terms of profitability, we cannot say that 2017 has been a productive year. Unfortunately, this was the common problem of the entire industrial sector in recent years… From here, we can explain why we are turning to different product groups as increasing our profitability. In terms of exports, borsan group has achieved a significant increase compared to the previous year. We export 50 percent of our production. We will start to collect the fruits of our investments completed in 2017 in 2018. We want to grow in overseas markets especially with our weak current, aluminum and copper cable products. In the domestic market, we will continue to grow with our LED product group. In addition to our R&D and R&D activities, we will carry out production and sales focused on market needs." "We train our future managers ourselves"

Reminding that borsan Group foundations were laid in 1984 and that 2,200 people were employed in enterprises operating in different fields consisting of 15 companies, 5 of which were abroad, in the past 34 years, He stated that the "3 K Project" was started in 2008 within the scope of the institutionalization process.

"We decided to 'train our own managers' with the company we consulted for the institutionalization process. Although it would cause us to lose a few years commercially, it was much more important for the future of our group to have a management team that embraced our corporate culture and knew our business best. With the protocol we made with Samsun May 19 University, we started to employ young people at the end of their education. We called this system '3K Project', which was won by both students, universities and us. Our project has been accepted by YÖK and our student friends, who we started working with within the scope of the project, are still in our structure and preparing the future of both our group and ourselves."

Adnan Ölz said the secret of his success is "Success comes when you meet the right people in the right place. That's my secret. I work with my partners in all the companies we operate in. Of course I work with professionals."


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