Batman Businessmen Visit MAKEL


Makel Group of Companies hosted batman businessmen consisting of 35 people in Makel with the organization organized on September 21st and 23rd and conveyed information about the company and products. The predominantly guests who visited the Makel Factory and consisted of contractors, electrical company managers and architects had the chance to closely monitor the production conditions of many products, from key and socket production to switch and Led Lighting products. The guests, who also witnessed many quality tests carried out within the company, were fascinated by Makel automation technology and laboratory conditions.

After the group came to Makel, Sales and Marketing Director Serkan Emsal made the corporate presentation of the company to the guests who came together to listen to the presentation prepared in the Conference Hall. He also gave a presentation about Makel's new product, Led Lighting products, and gave detailed information about the Peer product group.

After the presentation, the guests who visited makel production facilities received information by closely observing the whole process from raw material entry to product output.

The next day, the guests who visited Sultanahmet enjoyed the sun and beautiful weather throughout the day in a unique history.


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