Signify Illuminated the Exterior of The Enterprise Royal's 27-Story Tower!


Signify illuminated the exterior of the 27-storey tower of the Enterprise Royal project, which was built by Enterprise Construction in Izmir Karsiyaka.Signify's state-of-the-art ColorKinetics brand products were used in the exterior lighting of the project, where comfort, technology and safety elements were meticulously addressed.

ColorKinetics iColor Flex LMX – 16.7 million color capacity fixtures with a preferred 105 degree viewing angle within the scope of the project, a total of 16,000 light points and Video System Manager (VSM) allow the desired video content or visual effects to be transferred to the fixtures on the façade of the building.

DCIM101MEDIADJI_0593.JPG The light show on the exterior of the 27-storey building stands out from a distance with nodes that give 30lm pernode, 17,000 cd/m2 glitter!

Another highlight of the Enterprise Royal lighting project is the installation specially made to prevent light from going into the building. In addition, in order to prevent fixtures from being seen on the façade during the day, a detail suitable for fixtures was created in the façade material of the building and the products were hidden in this detail. In this way, no cables are visible on the building façade.




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