They introduced "Wireless Smart Lighting Systems" at Istanbul Light Fair


The 12th IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress took place on September 18-21, 2019 at the Istanbul Exhibition Center.

Oliptek Lighting participated for the first time in the 12th century. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress;

  • Smart City Lighting Systems,
  • Intelligent Automation Systems and
  • He promoted Building Façade Animation Systems.

Oliptek, "12. National Lighting Congress", "3. Industry professionals came together at the Lighting Design Summit and "Trade Stage" events and brought up the latest technological developments in the world and in our country.

In the Trade Stage, where he participated with his presentation on "Wireless Smart Lighting Systems";

  • What is a Smart City?
  • Systems Used in Smart Cities
  • Examples in the Past
  • Lighting Solutions in Smart Cities
  • Trends

Case studies were also explained in the presentation. Details of the projects arising from the need to make the fixtures in the parks more manageable with remote monitoring and control system were conveyed to the audience.

Also to the guests of the Trade Stage;

  • Oliptek RF Control Module that allows central management and measurement of lighting by connecting to each fixture
  • Information was given about Oliptek Smart Lighting Software , which offers the possibility of Individual Control, Scenario System, Instant Monitoring with Web Based System, Duplex Communication, Reporting System, Map System Integration, Consumption and Fault Information Monitoring.




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