ARCH+DSGN SUMMIT 2019 will welcome its visitors with a busy schedule this year…


Arch+Dsgn Summit, which will be held for the third time at Istanbul Lutfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Palace between 5-6 April 2019 with the theme of "Future in Architecture and Design", will welcome its visitors with its qualified program including the participation of architecture and design professionals.

 Arch+Dsgn Summit, turkey's first and only summit bringing together the disciplines of architecture and design, will be held for the third time at Istanbul Lutfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Palace between 5-6 April 2019 with the theme of "Future in Architecture and Design". The summit, sponsored by Baumit, will welcome visitors this year with presentations of the most influential figures in the architecture and design sectors under the theme, as well as conferences and panels filled with rich content and shares to discuss current topics.

Digital technologies (CAD, CAM, CAE, FM, GIS), enveloping environments (VR and AR), computer and human interaction in design, artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of structured environment and design, smart cities, city modeling and so on, "What Is Needed/What Is Needed to Redefine the Boundaries of Architecture and Design?", one of the panels that will be supported by sample presentations in many different fields from around the world, MRTS Architecture Office Founder Dr. Lecturer. It will be moderated by member Murat Sönmez . Mechanic Architecture Founder High Architect Can Tamirci, Yildiz Technical University Department of Architecture Faculty Associate Professor. Dr. With the participation of Derya Gülec Özer, Ikikebir Co-Founder Architect Kutlu Inanc Bal and Urban Workshop Founder Architect Nilufer Kozikoglu, the subject will be examined in full detail for visitors.

The 'Moving Practice Out' panel will be moderated by Praxis Founder Landscape Architect Enise Burcu Derinbogaz with the participation of Uysalkan Architecture Founder Architect Rahmi Uysalkan and Buddh Architecture Founder Architect Burak Pelenk.

Another panel within the scope of the summit is "Future in Architecture and Design: Data-Based Integrated (Design-Production-Management) Methods", Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture Head Prof.Dr. Under the moderation of Birgül Çolakoglu, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture at Medipol University Prof.Dr. Atilla Dikbas, Metu Civil Engineering Building Management Faculty Member Dr. Onur Tokdemir and BIM4TURKEY YK President Prof.Dr. It will take place with the participation of Yusuf Seeker.

Within the scope of the summit, Mimarka Meetings, where turkey's most successful architectural offices will meet with experienced brands in the field; Pecha Kucha will brainstorm all listeners with the concept of 20-20 slides; iF Design Award 2019 "Architectural Projects Winners Exhibition" and Assoc. will present the architectural and interior architectural projects awarded with a ceremony in Munich on March 15th in the most intimate and improvised way of design and creativity despite all the difficulties experienced. Dr. Curated by Deniz Dokgöz, the exhibition "Preservation-i Fortitude: The Future of Istanbul in Caricatures" will take place, where caricatures can be read through their perspectives on the future.

Within the framework of the event program he has established around the theme of "Future in Architecture and Design", the names and presentation titles that will take part in the event, which will bring together leading architects and designers in their professions at national and international level, will be as follows:

Conference Speakers

  • Design Atlas Architecture Office Founder Architect A. Burçin Gürbüz, "Beyond Perception | Virtual Reality in Architectural Design"
  • Salon Architects Founder High Architect Alper Derinbogaz, "Innovation for Cities"
  • Mef University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Founding Dean Prof. Dr. Arda Inceoglu, "Who owns the future?"
  • Ayça Kadioglu Architecture Founder Architect Ayça Kadioglu, "Living the Future in Today's Conditions: The Future is Today"
  • High Architect Ayşin Sevgi Karakurt, Founder of AS Architects, said, "What are we going to do with so many futures?"
  • Tiler Architecture Partner High Architect Can Çinici, 'Thinking of the New'
  • Votes Wu Collaborative Founders Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu, 'Dialogues: New Modes of Practice'
  • L35 Concept Design Co-Founder Architect Ernesto Klingenberg,
  • Copper globe Architecture Founder High Architect Gürhan Bakırküre, 'Will the 'future' come in architecture?'
  • Hamid Hassanzadeh 'Parametric Architecture'
  • Architect Jerónimo van Schendel, Managing Director of Abalos+Sentkiewicz Architects, said, "Entrepreneurship Management | Future Models for Architecture and Design"
  • Luca Molinari Studio Founder Luca Molinari "The future is today: an alternative agenda to imagine architecture for the next generations"
  • Mimar Murat Tabanoglu, Co-Founder of Tabanoglu Architecture,
  • Neslihan Işık 'Future= Good Design'
  • SO? Architecture Co-Founder High Architect Oral Göktaş, "homeGRAFT – Housing scenarios"
  • Ikiartibir Architecture Co-Founder High Architect Orhan Ersan, "Future in Architecture and Design: 3d Builder"
  • Ralph Wiegmann, CEO of iF International Forum Design GmbH, 'Tiny Houses + Micro-Apartments'
  • Sabri Pashayiğit Architects Founder Architect Sabri Pashayiğit, "Future Positioning of Historical Sites: Diyarbakır and Kayseri Surichi Regions"
  • Kadir Has University Faculty of Art Design Faculty Associate Professor. Dr. Sait Ali Fir, "Choosing a Future"
  • Graft Partner Architect Sven Fuchs, 'Less if Future'


  • Alper Aksoy Architecture Founder High Architect Alper Aksoy, "Dystopia"
  • Bahçeşehir University Faculty Associate Professor. Barış Atiker, "Artificial Intelligence and Creativity"
  • I-AM Istanbul Co-Founder High Architect Emre Kuzlu, 'Human-Oriented Experience Design in the Digital Age'
  • Twice-by-once Co-Founder Architect Hakan Evkaya, "Human Andiroyit"
  • High Architect Hakan Keleş, "Fluid TimeDenMekan; The Unchanging Body"
  • Melike Altinþik Architects Founder High Architect Melike Altinþik, "Waiting for the Tower: Rhythm of Form"
  • Yapıhane Co-Founder High Architect Nihat Eyce, "Artificial Creativity"
  • Motto Architecture Managing Partner Dr. Architect Onur Özkoç, "Back to the Future"

BiKahve Chats

  • Asos Architecture Co-Founder Architect Aktuğ Sivrioglu,
  • YOO Architecture Co-Founder Architect Alparslan Özarpat,
  • Studio AB Founder High Architect Aslı Baysan Birgen,
  • Founder of Daily Workshops Series High Architect Ayça Yazici,
  • Bahadir Kul Architects Founder High Architect Bahadir Kul,
  • Architect Beril Demircioglu, Founder of 2D Designed Architecture and Interior Architecture Design Office,
  • OKTAA Architecture Founder High Architect Birge Yildirim Okta and Architect Gürkan Okta,
  • EOX Architecture Founder High Architect Burak Koltukoglu,
  • B Design Founder High Architect Bulent E. Gilbert
  • Cafer Bozkurt Architecture Founder Architect Cafer Bozkurt,
  • Kitchen-ist Founder Art Director Canan Tulca and Interior Designer Nihal Akarsu,
  • Altun Architecture&Design Founder Architect Cenk Altun,
  • Dafni Architecture Founder High Architect Defne Sözbir,
  • Dicle Hökenek Architecture Office Founder Architect Dicle Hökenek,
  • Design My Home Founder Architects Ebru Tamer and Banu Hatipoglu,
  • Office Istanbul Founder High Architect Ece Türkel,
  • EDDA Architecture Founder Interior Designer Eda Tahmaz,
  • Praxis Founder Landscape Architect Enise Burcu Derinbogaz,
  • Alanistanbul Founder Efe Korkut Kurt,
  • Iglo Architects Co-Founder Architect Esen Akyar Karoglu,
  • Ergun Architecture Partner High Architect Eser Ergün,
  • Ellipse Design Architecture Founder High Architect Feza Ökten Koca,
  • Halukar Architecture Co-Founder High Architect Gamze Iscan,
  • Ikon Project Co-Founder Architect Gamze Özbal,
  • High Interior Designer Gayem Dogan from Brass Interiors Brand,
  • ITU Research Assistant High Architect Gizem Özer,
  • MAR Architecture Co-Founder Architect Gülfem Karaer,
  • GOA Founder High Architect Gülnar Jandan,
  • Escapefromsofa Office Partners High Interior Designer Mahmut Kefeli, Kerem Erçin and Irem Baser,
  • PDG Architects Co-Founder High Architect Murat Sahin,
  • Motto Architecture Managing Partner Dr. Architect Onur Özkoç,
  • Tuna Office Tdesign Studio Head Industrial Products Designer Ozan Sinan Croglıoglu
  • YTU Architecture Faculty Member Dr. Lecturer. Member M. Pinar Sipahi,
  • Renda Helin Design&Interiors Founder High Interior Designer Renda Helin Chilalioglu Draws,
  • Collective Architects Founder Architect Siddik Güvendi,
  • Sibel Dilek, Founder of The Story Interior Architecture Office,
  • GC Architecture Founder Interior Designer&Landscape Architect Şebnem Georgian,
  • TT&M Design Consultant Founder High Interior Designer T. Tankut Bland,
  • Vivenka Architecture Founder Architect Ugur Erden,
  • Self-Confidence Architecture Co-Founder High Architect Ugur Güven,
  • Degostudio Founder High Architect Volkan Taskin,
  • Sepin Architecture Founder High Architect Yavuz Selim Sepin,


Architecture Offices within the scope of Mimarka:

  • 2D Designed
  • Altun Architecture&Design
  • Asos Architecture
  • Ayça Kadioglu Architecture
  • Bahadir Kul Architects
  • Beoffice Architecture
  • Brass Interiors
  • Crid Architecture
  • Dafni Architecture
  • Degostudio
  • Dicle Hökenek Architecture
  • EDDA Architecture
  • Ellipse Design
  • Ergun Architecture
  • EOX Architecture
  • Escapefromsofa
  • net
  • Evrenol Architecture
  • GOA Architecture
  • Halukar Architecture
  • Kitchen-ist
  • Motto Architecture
  • Iglo Architects
  • Icon Project
  • Office Istanbul
  • OKTAA Architecture
  • Self-Esteem Architecture
  • Renaissance Project
  • Sabri Pashayiğit Architecture
  • Studio AB
  • Story Interior Architecture
  • Ven Architecture
  • Vivenka

Arch+Dsgn Summit 2019PROGRAM LIST 


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