ALTEZ ELECTRONIC Lighting San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.


Our goals with the idea of the door from Turkey to the world under the Altez brand are as follows:

ALTEZ is a hardworking company that offers fast, flexible and solutions according to the needs of the lighting and contracting sector.

In its products, visuality in terms of lighting, ergonomics, economy; to reflect professional studies according to electronic excellence and energy saving criteria.

Our goal is not only to sell products, but also to be a company that produces products and sells systems according to the needs of our customers.

Always to innovate electronically, to follow the latest technology in emergency lighting and LED issues that it specializes in and to present it to your customer.

Our company has adopted the principle of energy saving, which is the most important input in the country's economy. It also supports the use, development and implementation of the most economical resources.

As an international company that directs electronic lighting technology, it will inform customers and consumers about the use and production of modern and technologically superior products instead of systems that create visual pollution in the environment and have high energy consumption.

We want to see our dealers as a partner who not only sells goods from the shelf, but also directs and raises awareness of their customers to use the right products, so we will not spare any help and support.

In addition to our pre-sales technical or documentation services and system solution proposals, all kinds of needs and problems after sales are to be with their customers.

To continuously develop new products in line with changing and developing light sources and electronic components.

Our company, which closely follows the subject of electronic lighting in the world, will carry out all its work in order to take its place in the international market for this purpose.


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