Alkan Asian Africa Produce. And Sied. Malz. San Tic INC.


Alkan Group is both a dealer and representative of many world brands such as DISANO, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, OSRAM and GENERAL ELECTRIC, as well as production and R&D activities in the lighting and electricity sector, which was founded in Rizede in 1967 with 100% domestic capital.
With half a century of experience, we see that it has become a brand that is known for its technology, quality standards, competent employees, customer focus, social responsibility awareness, pioneering in its sector and bringing many innovations to Turkey, and we live this as a common source of pride.
Our company exports its product portfolio to all parts of Turkey and 36 countries with 86 000 m² factory, 1 300 m² head office, close to 200 employees and 45 vehicles.
One of its most important principles proves its energy saving principle and its development in LED lighting technology with its TSE, ISO and OHSAS certificate certificates.
We continue to grow in our sector-leading services with its designs and ease of use in accordance with national and international quality standards, production respectful to human and nature, highly competitive, innovative and creative products.


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