New Ideas Sprout in The Light of Lamp 83 at Acıbadem Incubation Center


Lamp 83, which has signed successful projects at home and internationally with optimal lighting solutions, has become the solution partner of Acıbadem Incubation Center in lighting. The center in Ataşehir, which operates within Acıbadem University to support all kinds of technology-based business ideas and initiatives that will serve the development of the health sector, was illuminated using a total of 80 fixtures branded LAMP 83, anthracite color, with different power and usage characteristics.

Evaluating the criteria in lighting and their cooperation with LAMP 83, Electrical Engineer Sepken Celik of Acıbadem Project Management said, 'Acibadem University Incubation Center offers training and seminars, office, prototyping and workshop opportunities in the process of making their projects a reality for entrepreneurs. He completed the interior design of our Incubation Center with Norm Architecture co-founder Esin Tercan with his subtle and stylish touches. Our basic principle in lighting design, which we look at as user-oriented, is that the user feels good about himself. I think we can give this feeling in this place where work and social areas are intertwined. Visuality was at the forefront of our product typology. The case colors and bodies of the products were prepared by LAMP 83 as we designed them. The products that are visually adaptable to the space are technically produced in the characteristics we want. LAMP 83, without sacrificing technology, prepared the products as we want with both diffuser and reflector combinations. Thank you to all the LAMP 83 team who worked at a very fast pace.' commented.

 LAMP 83 Sales Group Manager Serhan Acar said, 'We have been serving Acıbadem, one of the most prestigious brands in the health sector, as a lighting solution partner for many years. Thanks to the synergy we have achieved with Acıbadem Project Management, we have signed many special projects together, just like this incubation center. We're pleased to be inspiring such a center with bright ideas that can shape the health sector with our light.' summed it up as a way.


In the entrance section of the Incubation Center, 12W-strong, low-glazing built-in spots were featured. In square form, the desired light with guided spotlights was ensured to reach a desired place with a strong and accurate distribution from the ceiling.

In the inner sections, corridors and social areas where pedestrian traffic is intense, a level of lighting was captured in accordance with the architecture of the space and meeting the required level of light by using 12W built-ins and spot products from the same product family. Spot products were used together with DALI Dim-enabled electrorails to prepare an infrastructure suitable for lighting automation.

In the workplaces, the focus was on lighting devices that provide a homogeneous light distribution with anti-glare properties, taking into account the visual comfort of those who will spend a long time here. In this section, the stalactite products with opal glass and rozans, which are produced entirely specially together with the red thread-covered hanger wire and head, were included in the hanging linear devices in the upper part of the tables in the same area.


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