7th Balkanlight Congress held in Sofia


The Seventh International Congress of the Balkanlight Association, which was established in 1996 with the aim of sharing, co-operation and joint projects in the field of lighting between countries, was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 4 – 6 June 2018. Due to the mismatch between the Bulgarian Lighting Committees, the Balkanlight Congress is being held twice this year. The other is in Varna on 20-22 September 2018.

At the Congress held in Sofia, Krasimir Velinov, chairman of the National Committee for Bulgarian Lighting, and CIE Vice President Prof. Dr. After erkki Ikonen's opening speeches, a total of 61 scientific studies were presented and discussed throughout the congress, 39 of which were oral and 22 of which were posters. As with every congress, the intense and active participation of our Turkish delegates and the Lighting Turkish National Committee, numbering more than 20 this year, has attracted attention. Twelve of the papers presented at the congress were presented by Turkish participants working in the field of lighting. Five of our ATMK Board members and other members were actively involved in presentations and discussions in the Congress hall for three days. ATMK President Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil and Vice President Prof. Dr. In addition to his presentations, Renkn Ünver also served as the session chairman. The congress presented studies on indoor and outdoor lighting, road lighting, energy efficiency, visual comfort, lighting and health, natural lighting, standards and practices. In addition to scientific papers, our Turkish companies represented our country in the best way by taking part in the sector presentations and the lighting products exhibition in the congress center hall.

In the closing session of the congress, ATMK President Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil will be presenting the 8th annual film in 2021, three years later, accompanied by a film promoting our Istanbul. He invited the Balkanlight International Congress to be held in Istanbul. The final decision of this invitation, made at the request of other members of the Balkanlight Union, was ethically made after the Varna Congress was held in September.


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