42. Istanbul Building Fair is preparing to open its doors on June 18-22, 2019!


Yapı Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul will host more than 120 future buyers from countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Palestine, Qatar, UAE, Algeria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain and India within the scope of VIP Foreign Reception Delegation program to be held this year.

Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul, the largest summit of the Turkish building industry for 42 years, will be held at Tuyap Fair and Convention Center between 18-22 June. Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul will be the top of the sector this year with its product diversity, international events and business opportunities that include the latest innovations and technologies. The 2019 agendas of the construction and materials sector will be discussed in sessions spanning 5 days in the triangle of "Export, Renovation and Technology".

On the opening day of the fair, 2018-2019 will be evaluated and 2020 predictions will be shared within the scope of the "agenda meeting" which will include the presidents and investors of ÇEDBİK, GIİp, GISP, GYODER, İNDER, ISTANBUL SMD, İzmİr SMD, TMMMB, TÜRK SMD, TURKEY İmSAD, ULI TURKEY. In addition, "Tourism and Construction" from the new market and focus areas in the sector will be raised at the Investment Focus Forum by the directors of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association, Turkey Eximbank and IMSAD of Turkey.

The meeting, which is projected to be traditionalized with the platform offered by The Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul every year, will aim to evaluate the material, construction, economy and planning perspectives of the year spent by the sector, discuss future projections, give messages from the first day of the fair and raise topics that focus on local government and state policies.

Aiming to welcome over 600 exhibitors and over 90,000 visitors from 17 countries this year, the Building Fair aims to welcome business machines, hardware and hand tools, structural steel, prefabricated structures, building systems, interior structure and decoration, wall and floor coverings, bathroom – kitchen equipment, door and accessories, electrical, lighting, automation, insulation, building chemicals, paint, roofing, joinery (door – window), façade, façade, façade there will be domestic and foreign companies providing services in the fields of automatic door- crossing systems, shading, rough construction, plumbing, elevator, landscaping and software. Many countries such as Qatar, Iran, Russia, China, UAE, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, CzechIa, TRNC, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Portugal will exhibit new product and service technologies at the fair.

 Aiming to address the stagnation in the domestic market with professional buyers from abroad and to be the right address for exports in the sector, the fair will host over 120 foreign buyers from countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Palestine, Qatar, UAE, Algeria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain and India within the scope of VIP Foreign Delegation programs to be held every year. In addition.C T will bring together important foreign buyers from target countries with all participants and visitors with the support of the Ministry of Commerce. With the ITE Connect Matchmaking Program (Matchmaking System) implemented for the first time last year, all participants, visitors and hosted buyers will have the opportunity to network quickly and effectively via smartphone and internet application for free, connecting with the right customers and suppliers and expanding their networks.

The fair will welcome visitors with 5 different themes for 5 days!

Many events will take place this year at the fair, which will bring the Turkish building industry together with different contents. More than 11,000 international visitors are expected to attend the Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul 2019, which will feature over 30 events and more than 90 national and international expert speakers.

Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul will host agenda meetings on 5 different themes for 5 days. There will also be events that will spice up the fair with on-site experience and learning.

Yapı Arena will host architectural and business-oriented panels, partnership sessions, conversations of new design and technology tools, and "inspiring" key speaker conferences. Yapı Arena will also dedicate its stage to live presentations and seminars introducing new products and technologies of 2019 with the "Innovation" focused Yapı Innovation special section.

On Tuesday (June 18th ), when the Presidents forum and the new investment focus panel will take place, the "Roadmap" theme will be the focus of Wednesday (June 19th) to explore new focuses in the sector to succeed in exports, while the theme of "Becoming a Global Player" will be the focus of Wednesday (June 19th ) to learn the dimensions of business and partnership development in different markets. On Thursday (June 20th), the innovation and design dimension of the business will be discussed at the intersection of technology, materials and innovation, and "Technology" will be discussed in all aspects of differentiation and being one step ahead in the sector.

Friday, June 21st, the longest day of sunshine in the northern hemisphere, is also celebrated as "Earth Sun Day". Taking into account the changing climate conditions, taking into account the changing climate conditions, the agenda of the business and the domestic market trend will be examined today, "New, Renewal and Renewables" issues will be discussed with planning, material and design dimensions in order to create efficient alternatives.

The modules created by Yapı Unplugged Summer School Workshop, which provides young professionals, new graduates and students with an on-site experience dimension by recognizing the material, but also imposes social responsibility through architecture, creative thinking and design, will be introduced on Saturday, June 22nd , the last day of the fair.

Other activities that will add color to experience and learning are as follows:

Architectural masterclasses accompanied by moderator, which intersect the interests and working areas of different groups of visitors specially designed for 4 days including interior architecture, insulation and building material, façade and joinery, rough construction and construction site group products; Design Türet, Produce with Robot!" will simultaneously host robotics production and conversations throughout the fair in collaboration with Fabb, and finally, Yapı VR Home, which will be created in collaboration with Garage Atlas, where we will experience the places of our dreams and living in our home on Mars.

The fair provides recognition of the market and meeting with many potential customers!

Emphasizing the importance of participating in the Building Fair , EVINMA Human Resources Manager Sebahattin Duran said, "Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul plays a very important role in the sector. Last year was pretty good when we assessed it in terms of number of participants and visitors. Since the leading companies of the sector are also on this platform, there is a great demand for the fair. We've met a lot of new clients. Our first goal here was to introduce ourselves to the market. Over the years, the fair has become a platform for us to reach both domestic and foreign customers much faster; that's why we attend the Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul almost every year. We met many of our important customers at home and abroad at this fair. This year we will add bathroom and kitchen furniture to this selection, which we started production about five months ago. We will participate in The Building Fair 2019 with a much larger stand."

Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul has been guiding the development of the sector for 42 years!

Kemal Ulgen, Regional Director of ITE Turkey, who stated that for 42 years, Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul has mirrored the construction sector of our country as an international platform; We are organizing the Building Fair for the 42nd time this year, which has succeeded in being one of the 5 largest fairs of the sector in the world. Noting that the construction sector, which has been seeing fluctuations for some time, is expected to be in a stabilization process this year, Ulgen said, "In 2019, exports appear to be an important way out. Construction materials exports are projected to increase by 7-8% and approach $23 billion. Opportunities in export markets for all sub-sector groups are expected to improve. In the domestic market, unlike other years, two more developments are expected. One is the movement of the regeneration market with the decrease in demand for new construction works, and the other is the increase in supply from the domestic market due to the limitation of foreign exchange rates on imports. In the midst of all this transformation, the heart of the construction industry is beating at The Building Fair-Turkeybuild Istanbul. Companies that want to meet with thousands of domestic and international professional visitors and purchasing officials to seize export opportunities and meet with potential customers take their place at the meeting point of the sector."


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