$2 Billion Lighting Industry Meets at IstanbulLight on October 06-09


Fahir Gök, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGİd) of IstanbulLight Strategic Partners, stated that the export figures for the lighting sector in 2020 were 230 million dollars. Despite the pandemic conditions, the domestic market, which is worth more than $2 billion in 2021 and beyond, will also be on a growth trend, Gok said. The other strategic partner of the fair, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lighting Turkish National Committee (ATMK), Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil pointed out that the relationship between lighting and health has come to the fore as a result of the differentiated working and living conditions during the pandemic process and that the sector focuses on "Human Oriented Lighting" and "Connected Lighting".

IstanbulLight 13th International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress will be held on 06-09 October 2021 at Istanbul Exhibition Center. IstanbulLight, organized under the global energy portfolio of Informa Markets in partnership with the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGİd) and the Turkish National Committee for Lighting (ATMK), is held every two years. The fair brings together turkey's and the world's most valuable brands and domestic and foreign professionals, while hosting congress and summit events and meetings that add value to the sector with presentations of expert guests and current issues.

"We have new market opportunities in exports."

Fahir Gök, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IstanbulLight Strategic Partner Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association (AGİd), said that even if what has happened in the last year has caused many problems for the lighting sector; he said that production and exports are developing and growing positively except in March and April 2020. "We have new market opportunities in exports. New cooperation projects and studies coming to our country from EU countries, especially due to the disruption in supply chains, will give the sector a much better momentum over time. The first quarter of 2021 has been very good in the sector, with the producer with demand problems being almost nonexistent wherever it is, the financial problem in general unfortunately affects the sector negatively and unfortunately increases production costs significantly with the addition of price increases in intermediates and raw materials. Of course, it should not diminish the motivation of the producers in this sector and the need to make good use of the new opportunities that will come our way. The fact that the sector is electronically based every day and that we are increasingly integrated with this sector has given the sector incredible momentum and in this way many new stakeholders have started to invest in the sector. I think this should be seen as a separate positive effect," he said.

"We expect a significant increase in demand due to the vaccination process."

Stating that he believes in the power of fairs in trade, Agİd Chairman Fahir Gök said, "The IstanbulLight Fair in Istanbul in October will be full of opportunities to increase the export potential of our sector. Depending on the vaccination process and in parallel with it, it is obvious that there will be a significant increase in demand not only for the lighting sector, but also for all sectors. I believe that our country, which is second on the list in gross national product growth in the world in 2020, will experience a similar picture at the end of 2021."

"New trend in lighting industry: Human Oriented Lighting"

Lighting Turkish National Committee (ATMK) Chairman Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil pointed out the new approaches and trends developing in the sector with the pandemic. "As a result of the differentiating working and living conditions in the pandemic process we have been in for over a year, prominent issues such as lighting and health relationship have increased the importance of transformation that begins with the need for digitalization. These days, our most popular research topics are gathered under topics such as "Human Oriented Lighting", "Adaptive / Integrated / Connected Lighting". Especially in these applications where electronics, communication and software discipline prevail, our new keywords have become "Data Oriented Lighting"."  

“13. The needs of the sector will be discussed in the digitalization process at the National Lighting Congress."

Stating that the success of the sector depends on the dominance of new technologies, the correct expression of the requirements of lighting to sectors such as electronics and software that need to be worked together, and strong collaborations, ATMK Chairman Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil continued: "IstanbulLight International Lighting & Electrical Materials Fair and Congress" which aims to bring all stakeholders together and create strong collaborations with mutual knowledge and experience sharing will bring important openings to our sector in this process. We believe that the introduction of lighting requirements and existing infrastructure with both participant and visitor contributions will be very useful in the integration of lighting installations with all other digital systems.Within the scope of the fair, the 13th edition will be organized by ATMK with the theme of "Transformation in Lighting". In our National Lighting Congress, we will create the opportunity to discuss the needs, problems and solutions of our sector in the process of digitalization. Lighting Turkish National Committee 9. As the Board of Directors of the Period, we invite all stakeholders of our lighting industry to be a part of these environments where we aim to create beneficial associations and to contribute."

"Companies in Europe are looking for alternative OEM channels."

Underlining that IstanbulLight is the only international export-oriented fair in Turkey and the region, IstanbulLight Sales Manager Berna Akdağ said, "Fairs are common meeting environments that keep trade alive and offer new cooperation opportunities. Although this process has been interrupted worldwide due to the pandemic, the fairs that have started to open their doors again play an important role in the recovery of sectors and economies. At the moment, companies, especially in Europe, are looking for alternative OEM channels. IstanbulLight 2021 will stand out as a trading and marketing platform where many companies in Turkey will have the opportunity to develop their trading channels with European companies."  

"With AllSecure Standards, maximum hygiene and safe environment will be provided at the fairgrounds."

Istanbul Light Sales Manager Berna Akdağ pointed out that In addition to being the most efficient export platform for the lighting sector, Istanbul Light has taken the most effective health and safety measures against the pandemic. IstanbulLigt will be organized according to AllSecure Standards, which include 'Cleanliness and Hygiene', 'Physical Distance' and 'Detection and Protection' developed by informa, the world's largest event organizer.


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