110-Year World Brand Sylvania Investment Decision in Turkey


Feilo Sylvania, one of the world leaders with a long history in the lighting industry, announced that he has started to work as an active player in the Turkish market. Feilo Sylvania, which offers innovative lighting products and solutions worldwide, aims for a minimum market share of 7% in its first year in Turkey. The company will launch its Investment in Turkey at IstanbulLight 2017 Fair held on September 21-24.  Feilo Sylvania, the world-established company in the field of lighting solutions, decided to invest in the Turkish market. Aiming to be among the leading players in the Turkish market with its global scale experience and comprehensive product range, the company will announce its investment plans at IstanbulLight 2017 Fair, which will be held at istanbul exhibition center between 21-24 September 2017.

Feilo Sylvania is known for its comfortable and dynamic living spaces created in line with innovative lighting solutions. With a history of 110 years, the company offers pioneering solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, lighting design, IoT management.

Emphasizing that they place light at the heart of every work they do with state-of-the-art LEDs and lighting fixtures, Feilo Sylvania World President Christian Schraft evaluated the Turkish investment as follows; "The Turkish market has very lively dynamics. We see significant opportunities in the field of LED lighting solutions. With its energy efficiency and ease of use, LED solutions are frequently preferred in interior and exterior lighting projects. By 2020, LED usage is projected to reach 80% across the total lighting market. As Feilo Sylvania, we are ready to be the solution partner of the Turkish market, where many projects from internal lighting projects (office, hotel, industrial interiors, etc.) to construction, road and infrastructure works are rapidly becoming more innovative and growing rapidly with our expertise and experience. Our main goal is to achieve projects where we provide cost advantage with the high technology, energy efficiency and control capability we provide, increase performance and beautify life with aesthetic solutions."

World giant Feilo Sylvania aims to work with domestic producers in the first step in Turkey

Feilo Sylvania, which manufactures lighting products in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK under the Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania brands, also has production plans in Turkey, said Azim Tuncinar, General Manager of Feilo Sylvania Turkey; "Feilo Sylvania is a company with an appetite for investment worldwide. Feilo Sylvania, which aims to grow with its strong brands, has a competitive growth plan for our country. We aim to operate in professional and consumer sales channels in Turkey in the first place and to take a leading role in the market by continuing our investments continuously. Accordingly, we plan to gain 7% market share for 2018 and 2.5 times more growth in 2019. We are already in talks with domestic production and domestic production solutions, and we will make significant investments in this."

Feilo Sylvania Middle East, Africa and Turkey Regional President Ayhan Siriner stated that the company will also introduce its most innovative products at IstanbulLight 2017 Fair, where it will announce its new investment; "Providing creative solutions for different needs is the backbone of our company strategy. In this context, we have pioneering products that we believe will make a sound and will be introduced at IstanbulLight 2017 Fair. Of these, SylSmart Connected is designed for areas that require flexibility and high controllability in large areas. We believe that this product, which offers high lighting performance, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics for today's smart buildings, will offer an important added value to the Turkish market."

Feilo Sylvania, a global and well-established company, has been involved in numerous projects in the lighting industry for many years. Taking the lead in the markets in which it operates, the company offers patented products with strong production centers and R&D infrastructure. Feilo Sylvania has a product portfolio that can offer innovative lighting solutions for all sectors, especially education, accommodation, logistics, museums, retail and construction, and an experienced staff equipped with project design departments.

About Feilo Sylvania Feilo Sylvania, china's most powerful lighting products manufacturer in 2016 Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd.

Ltd. was established with the acquisition of Sylvania, which has more than 100 years of experience in the field of lighting products. The company takes the lead in the field of professional and architectural lighting solutions. Based on a long history in lighting, Feilo Sylvania offers internationally leading products and systems and carries out its work with the mission of providing the best products, services and consultancy. Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania represent three different business units within the company; it creates solutions tailored to lighting needs with its products that offer high quality and energy efficiency worldwide.

Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., which owns an 80% stake in Feilo Sylvania, Ltd. was established in 1984 as the first joint stock company in China. Feilo changed the company structure in 2014; Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co Ltd has become a joint venture company consisting of Beijing Shen'an Group and Shanghai Sunlight Enterprise Co Ltd. With the acquisition of Sylvania, Feilo acquired production centers, logistics bases and R&D technology centers worldwide and gained market access spanning 48 countries. 

Feilo Sylvania has strong manufacturing experience in Europe. The company's brands Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania have been producing lighting products in Belgium, Germany, France and the UK for over 100 years. In line with this experience focused on excellence, Feilo Sylvania aims for innovative design and development. In this way, it develops products and solutions in accordance with ever-changing market dynamics.


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