11. Smart technologies to be discussed at National Lighting Congress


The "11th Edition", organized in cooperation with the ATMK, AGİd and UBM, was held in cooperation with the "11th Century". National Lighting Congress" will be held on September 21-22, 2017 at Yeşilköy Istanbul Exhibition Center.

"11. National Lighting Congress", "10. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair" and the "Lighting Design Summit" to be held for the first time will be held in the same environment on September 21 – 22, 2017 at Yeşilköy Istanbul Exhibition Center.

The Turkish National Committee for Lighting (ATMK) has been organizing the National Lighting Congress every two years since its establishment in 1995, which aims to bring together people working in different fields such as research, design, application and production in the lighting sector and to provide mutual knowledge and experience transfer by discussing new developments. This year, congress is moving to a different platform with international/national speakers with calls known for current issues and issues.This year's congress, whose main theme is "Smart Technologies in Lighting", aims to produce highlighting information on the latest developments in lighting, technologies, as well as the rules and requirements of general lighting.
The congress, which will be opened on the first day with a different perspective from outside the sector with Serdar Kuzuloglu's delightful talk on "Technology – Smartness", will continue with the "Smart Cities" session sponsored by Heper. In this session
Allan Ruberg, leader of AF Lighting, which has undertaken numerous public area lighting consultancies in Scandinavian countries and Turkey, will be a call-in speaker and will establish a lighting relationship with smart city technologies.
In the second session of the day, Bianca Van Der Zande, one of the world-renowned researchers on "Human Oriented Lighting", will go through the needs and preferences of the person who uses the lighting in her call-up speech and switch to "Healthy Building and Environmental Lighting". At the end of this session and the first day of the congress sponsored by Philips Lighting, it is aimed to established smartness – technology – lighting relations.
Standards of LED Lighting In recent years, their efficiency, lifespan has been emphasized and
LeDs that started to be used also took their place in smart applications due to their easy control. However, it is also very important that LED light-sourced lighting fixtures meet certain standards and meet optical requirements. In the "LED Standards" session sponsored by Schreder, the current status of LED implementation standards, which are still lacking, will be examined with a call-in speech by Sabri Sabah, who has signed important electrification projects in Turkey, and will be detailed with other papers.

Optical Design
The subject of the fourth session sponsored by Pelsan is "Optical Design", which is one of the first conditions for the acceptance of LED or any conventional light-sourced fixture in the world and becoming a value-added product. This session, which will feature two national and international call-in speakers, will emphasize the importance and requirements of optical design, the means of direction and shaping of light. The subject will be discussed with the call-in speeches of Mesut Işık, a physics-disciplined optical designer who was trained in Turkey, and Alberto Ruffino, a designer of physical origin.The last session of the Congress sponsored by Fiberli will focus on new approaches to armature design and examples of implementation. Prof. In her summoned speech, Dalia Galico will explain the importance of international cooperation and common inavosion with the example of the integration project she has coordinated between Italy and China for many years."Traditional Gala Dinner" will also be held on Friday, September 22, 2017, as part of the Congress, with protocol, foreign guests, senior industry representatives and speakers
will be sponsored by Lamp83.In order to create discussions about current and new technologies in the field of lighting, the 11th century, which has been extensively prepared by going from national dimension to international dimension. National Lighting Congress is waiting for industry employees to Greenville Istanbul Exhibition Center on September 21-22, 2017


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