BRINGING LED Transformation in Street Lighting to the Table


11. LED Transformation in Street Lighting is Discussed at Istanbul Light Fair

UBM, AGİd and ATMK are the 11th strategic partnership. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Forum will shed light on the lighting sector, which is at a critical juncture.

T.c. The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, run by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, envisions changing 30% of the 7.5 million streetlights by 2023. This strategic transformation plan, which has the potential to bring Turkey to the world's leading producers, will be discussed at Istanbul Light, which will take place between September 19th and 22nd with experts.

 Organized by UBM, the world's leading exhibition organizer, in partnership with the Association of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers (AGİd) and the Turkish National Committee for Lighting (ATMK), the 11th edition of the 2016 World's 2016 Exhibition was held in 2012. IstanbulLight International Lighting and Electrical Materials Fair and Congress takes place on 19-22 September 2018 at Istanbul Exhibition Center. IstanbulLight Fair, which is preparing to welcome more than 8000 industry professionals from the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Balkans and CIS Countries as well as Turkey, hosts the latest products and technologies of over 250 companies.
 The IstanbulLight Forum, which will be held within the scope of The IstanbulLight Fair this year, will focus on the most striking topics of the lighting industry and experts. T.c. Within the scope of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2017-2023) carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the observance of energy efficiency in all street lighting and the LED transformation to be carried out in this direction constitute the most important agenda item that will shape the lighting sector this year. Your transformation; IstanbulLight Forum, where every leg of public, academia, finance, R&D, production, design and sales will be discussed, will allow the roadmap of the change in street lighting to be drawn.
 UBM EMEA IstanbulLight Brand Director Mehmet Shopci said, "11. One of the main objectives of IstanbulLight Fair is to create the knowledge, experience and network sharing space necessary to move our sector to a strong position internationally. In this sense, the IstanbulLight Forum, which we organized within the scope of the fair, has a strategic role. With the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, the lighting sector has gained extraordinary importance for the development of both the industry and our country. Therefore, this year the IstanbulLight Forum undertakes a much more critical mission and mission. With this awareness, one of the main issues of our forum agenda will be the transformation in street lighting, and we will prepare the ground for this growth-oriented transformation by bringing this issue to the table with all sides."
"Within the scope of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, T.C. Within the framework of the decisions taken by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the lighting sector has the potential to become a global power. By 2023, 30% of the 7.5 million street lighting in our country will be replaced with efficient, innovative LED light-induced fixtures. Domestic producers in Turkey have a high potential for this transformation, where the Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA) model will be used. We have the necessary infrastructures, and it is possible to reach the desired level easily and quickly with incentives and investments in terms of technology and technical accumulation. When this plan, which means transformation in many fields from public to academia, finance to R&D, production technologies to design, is completed, Turkey's lighting sector can now become a world-leading country that can offer its production to foreign markets. When we look at the economy of scale, creating a production of this magnitude means performing on the same stage as the world's giants. Therefore, the lighting industry has the chance to reinvent itself and bring a new face to Turkey.At the IstanbulLight Fair and Forum, we will meet with experts on the subject to guide this transformation and discuss ways to make this potential a reality."  

ATMK President Prof. Dr. "Under the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, the transformation of street lighting also has an integrated power to serve smart city travel. T.C to use that power. A major structural transformation is being targeted under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. On the other hand, a number of legal and structural studies are being carried out to ensure the necessary lighting criteria in street lighting, which is a very important public service in terms of life and property safety, with cost-effective solutions. In this context, it is the duty of us industry representatives to prepare for this transformation in the most innovative and accurate way and to implement this plan that will benefit Turkey in every sense. In order to clarify our roadmap in this regard, we will create a special platform at IstanbulLight Fair and Forum with experts and opinion leaders both from abroad and abroad."


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