Agİd Authorized Organization, which has contributed to the system in the management of lighting equipment and small household appliance categories with the recovery of electrical and electronic wastes since 2015, has contributed to the protection of natural resources with over 1,000 tons of raw material recovery while preventing the release of 11 kg of mercury into nature with nearly one and a half million lamp recoverys in our country. As part of the World Environment Day celebrations on June 5, 2020, we invite everyone to "Think about the Future and Recycle". As the AGİd Authorized Organization, which has been operating with the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization since 2015 in order to raise awareness about electrical and electronic waste in Turkey and to create an efficient and sustainable e-waste collection system, we invite everyone to "Think about the Future and Recycle" within the scope of The World Environment Day celebrations on June 5, 2020. For the management of electrical and electronic wastes, all our stakeholders within the framework of the circular economy; We believe that the contributions made by producers, consumers, business facilities, private and public institutions and municipalities to the system as a unit will increase step by step. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 was "Biodiversity". World Environment Day has been celebrated every year since the United Nations Environment Conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972, on June 5th to raise awareness and take action worldwide on environmental protection. Fahir Gök, chairman of the Board of Directors of the AGİd Authorized Organization, said in a statement: He said that the main theme of World Environment Day 2020 is "Biodiversity", and that biodiversity is one of the most fundamental elements in the sustaining of life on Earth. Explaining that biodiversity is defined and evaluated by addressing both the genetic diversity of all living things on Earth, from single-celled creatures to large organisms, and the environments in which they live (life union-ecosystem diversity), AGİd Chairman Fahir Gök added that the rapid reduction of biodiversity due to the human factor is one of the most important environmental problems today. Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Waste is important for "Biodiversity".

Fahir Gök, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AGİd Authorized Organization, evaluated the effects of the Electrical and Electronic Waste Recycling studies on "Biodiversity", which they supported as AGİd within the scope of the main theme of 2020. While explaining that we can slow this rapid reduction in biodiversity with measures such as limiting our consumption habits by reviewing and limiting our energy demand, reuse
and recycling in all areas of our lives, agİd authorized organization, we contribute to biological diversity with our work in the field of conscious consumption, waste reduction, energy efficiency and recycling in electrical and electronic goods. they have carried out valuable and important activities. "As a result of our work as all stakeholders in the recycling of electrical and electronic waste, we not only reduce the amount of waste left in the storage area, but also reduce the demand for natural resources and ensure efficient use of energy".


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